Welcome to my website!

This site is a big work in progress!

Hi there! Welcome to my random site friend! My name is Molly and I run a bunch of table top roleplaying games, most D&D 5e. However I struggle with writing down session notes, but I want to do game development or website design one day and so I thought why not get practice for that while also helping me do stuff related to me hobby? That is how this site was born, TA-DA!

And now your here, in the future, when I am able to get started, there will be links to all my journal notes for my TTRPG games accessible for you to read. If you are looking into running your own game but don't know how to plan for play, or if you just want to see how an experienced GM plans her games, you can look around here. Who knows, maybe you'll find something in this site that teaches you something, or inspires you with ideas for your own game, or you just enjoy TTRPG content and storys. Either way, welcome! I hope you have fun and maybe find something awesome here.

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